Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Contract for the Dummies..and I mean it

They called me last Fri night to go down the next day to sign the student contract.

Thanks but no thanks. I'd already had my last lesson that afternoon.

So I just said I'm gg to Malaysia for the WHOLE of next week and insist that they scan and email me the contract.

They did yesterday. Which leads to the my fuming state now.

Firstly look what appeared on the 1st page:
Though I knew that CASE is a good fer nothing organization since birth (Exaggeration. I knew completely nth at birth. Noone does.), I never realised that they will insist on a CASE-approved contract that tells you to fight your own battle!!! Then what the hell does it matters if the contract is CASE-approved or not? I might as well put SAGGY-approved and it wouldn't be making any difference! Or if you want a more prominent name, how about 'LV-approved' or 'GUCCI-approved'?

Then another thing is the increase of school fees due to them 'forgeting to state the 7% gst' the 1st time round! Thanks! Now it increases from 23,800 to 25,275! Well if I'm god-damn rich I wouldn't care a freaking bit. Too bad I'm in the opposite state. But my mum doesn't seem to mind and since she's the one paying the school fees. I wouldn't fighting with them. My mum would scold me if I did that anyway. Due to her 'The school is always the biggest' mindset....I give up.

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