Wednesday, November 24, 2010

US Trip (4th & 5th day,22th & 23th nov 2010)

22th is a full day of school. Super boring! The teacher is a nice old lady who likes to mumble to herself. Drained my energy just trying to listen to her talk.

23th however is an outdoor field trip day! Not very happening but at least we get to go outta the classroom and wander around instead of listening to her talk...and talk...and talk. We went to this urban praire which has a creek where another professor (fat with long curly white hair) explained to us how they determine if the water is healthy. Seems that there's such way of just looking at it and you will know for sure. You will have to examine and take the water samples back to the lab for testing.

So science right? I know.

I have no idea why I am taking this class. Unless I want to be a weather reporter with really atas scientific knowledge.

Not really that interested frankly.

After that we went to lunch at this Louie's Sports Grill place. Not sure how good is their grilled food, but the pizza is good! Beats Pizza's Hut anyday. And please go bankrupt soon, California's 2-for-1 pizza. No idea how you can survive this long with pizza that tastes like flour, cheese and tomato paste. Separately.

After lunch, we went back to the school for a presentation by OERB (Oklahoma Energy Reservation Board I think...), and after that to a lab where they tested various water, oil or other samples.

Went to Dollar Tree when class ends (at 4.30pm...YEAH!!!), but we didn't bought much. Even Jayvern agrees that it gets boring the second time. Seriously its fun, but only when you have things to buy and is in a shopping mood. And even then I don't get as high as Jayvern when she sees cheap sweets.

Photos up asap. Stay tuned...

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