Monday, November 22, 2010

US Trip (2nd day,20th nov 2010)

Was supposed to be fetching Gena from the airport today. Arranged with Shirley (is it spelled this way?) and Jocelyn (same previous comment applies) to go to Walmart. Instead we head to Dollar Tree where every single item is EXACTLY USD1!!!!

Try beating that Value Dollar shop. Your item varies from $1.05 to $12.05 (I think...higher or lower depending on items on sale for the period) lor. No consistency at all. QC failed big time.

After fetching Gena, we went back to our hotel and sleep after a expensive and not really that tasty lunch. Lunching at restaurants (other than the fast food kind) is so not worth it.

We head to Walmart for some heavy grocery shopping. The shopping power of women can never be underestimated. We shopped for a total of about 3 plus hours. Some minor melodrama happened when we lost Jayvern and Hailey missing. literally. For a moment there Ic contemplate the use of intercom. But "Can Jayvern and Hailey reports to the customer service counter please? Your friends are waiting for you. I repeat.." sounds...erm...cheeky? Therefore we decide to save both them and us embarrassment lest we get mistaken for country pumpkin.

Luckily we found them in the end. Stay energetic for quite sometime after that. Managed to only fall into deep slumber at around 2a.m.

*Photos up asap. Stay tuned...*

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