Monday, November 22, 2010

US Trip (3nd day,21th nov 2010)

Went for orientation. Expected it to be the super childish kind with lotsa ice breakers but fortunately its just Virginia Oden sharing lotsa much needed information (and warnings) with us.

Went for a tour in the 'school bus' and visited the Oklahoma bombing memorial park and museum. Nothing much there. Got bored after just a few minutes.

Then the bus drove us to the Golden Corral for lunch. In the midst we past by the liquor warehouse 2 times and Jayvern and Sendya got real excited. Ironically the only alcohol in the house is Mojito.

Golden Corral (yup, 2 'r's) is fantastic. Akin to Mache but so much better! Unlimited refill. Buffet style! What's more, its like a standard price for everything. With so much good stuff to eat, I am starting to worry about my parents' reaction to my new body size when I dropped down at Changi Airport 3 weeks later.

Sendya arranged 3 gummy bears together (in Jayvern's unwanted bow of ice cream) to form a 'threesome'. Jayvern stubbornly refused to tell Sendya how to spell 'threesome'.

After that I was so shagged when I got back home, I slept at 7 p.m.!


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