Saturday, November 20, 2010

US Trip (1st day, 19th nov 2010)

Using the in flight moving map application. I see that I am in the air above Philippines. Already I wanna get down. Can't find the toliet initially. Such a noob. Can feel the other passengers laughing at me. I like the turbulence, the setting off and touching down (◦'⌣'◦)
- Touched down at narita and to our surprise, our flight is delayed for abt 2 hour! (From 3.15pm tkt to 4.50 tkt) Luckily it turned to be a scare, still delay though. To 3.50pm tyt. Now its 3.14pm. Still waiting....
- Saw snow at Minneapolis airport! White blanket covering entire Minneapolis! Awesome!
- 2nd flight delay of the day from Minneapolis to Oklahoma City for abt 45 mins! What luck!
- Small and cramped Delta Connection has a wide array of soft drinks. Still prefer the comparatively spacious (but still tight aisles) to this domestic flight. Pretzels are yucky but I finished 2 packets of those biscuits. The ONLY flight attendent (compare that to abt 6-12 attendents on an international flight) is a fat male with an attractive voice. Lol!
- Touched down at Will Rogers airport. Waiting for our luggage when the coveyor belt stops suddenly. Turns out some idiot kicked the emergency stop button. But we got our luggages in the end. Met 2 nice part-time 'schoolmates/modulemates' (.....watever....). Nice persons. Bonded with them over a salty macdonald meal. Its dirt cheap btw. Hate the strong winds and blazing cold though.

*Photos up asap. Stay tuned...*

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