Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Any1 gt any BETTA whitening toothpaste 2 recommend?

I've being using Colgate's Advanced Whitening. Promised 2 give results in 14 days. Shit lor. I've been waiting 14 WEEKS also no results. AND I"M NT GG 2 WAIT UNTIL 14 YEARS!!!

So exp summore. Cheat my....mother's hard-earned $$( I put inside trolley when she shop. She only discovered @ the cashier. Too late! Haha~).

Oh She-human, u asked abt ways 2 save $$. I haf one. Put it inside my quote of da daz la, have 2 update it sumhw.

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
Shop with your parents if you wanna save $$. They too paiseh to let you pay them back. Wahahahah~

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