Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Segment!

From now onwards, Imma gonna start sth called the "Saggy Quote of Da Daz". Cause since I'm so free, I'm always thinking nonsense. These nonsense only consist of a few sentences, which can be crapped & elongated to form an article but den I wouldn't be so tempted 2 update everyday. But I'm keen 2 put down these my so-called thoughts of the day. So tada, "Saggy Quote of Da Daz" was born!

This is also a promise 2 myself that I will be updating everyday (regardless of one full page article or one sentence) cause there's sure 2 b sth happening everyday so I wanna make sure I dun miss out anything. Even my teeny weeny meaningless random thoughts.

Saggy Quote of Da Daz :
Rulez 1: Always push things that u cannt/dun wanna do to 2m.
Rulez 2: When 2m comes & u still cannt/dun wanna do, refer 2 rulez 1.

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