Monday, December 15, 2008

No idea y M1 phones are so darn expensive all of a sudden.

It's like all above 200 plus compared to other telcos lor. I even saw 1 that is $400 more de.

My bro (yes my family changing phone again) who wanna make use of my plan 2 recontract, keep scolding me that why I subscribe to such a sucky telco. How I know? It isn't liddat in the past de mah.

Now economic crisis M1 still dares 2 charge so much. No idea why there's still crowds at the outlets. Maybe the higher charge is 4 'friendly' customer service? Seriously lor. I wouldn't pay $200-$400 for 'friendly' customer service de lor. Too much liao. And it's for sumthing that I can't even see & touch, much less keep.

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