Thursday, December 4, 2008

Haw Par Villa Cum Sentosa Trip (27 Nov)

I guess I better start on this since my dear old evil twin has been nagging me for this 4 ages. And I better start before I forget everything. In fact....I think I've already forgotten everything!!!! Thanks for reading this post guys. End of post~

Actually there's not really much to say. Me & 1t got so bored so we decided to go some place we've haven't been to - namely hell. So sleepily we met at Vivo, grab sth 2 eat & drink (Old chang kee and some Yeos drink, i think) then head off 2 the harbourfront interchange to board a bus 2 Haw Par Villa. All throughout the trip we try 2 stay alert coz we have no idea where 2 get down from so 2 prevent from getting a joy ride, we looked head 4 any 'temple-like' structure (4 more info pls refer 2 entrance of haw par villa).

Haw Par Villa is boring. Even the hell inside is boring. Only part that can be considered interesting is the stalker terrapins that follow us everywhere we go. I wonder how long they had been starving since the terrapins obviously thought we are there 2 deliver food. We did in the end, at least 1t did. She took a piece of my crab nugget (or sth) and feed it a teeny weeny ant bite size. The rest she eat herself. Yeah~ feed the terrapins. Feed the twin more like!

We fled when we saw a huge swarm of mosquitos. Having nth 2 do, we decided 2 take the bus back 2 Vivo & take the tram 2 Sentosa. This time round I searching for mosquito bites and scratching to make them more red & obvious.

We intially decided to bring what is left of the old chang kee snacks 2 sentosa and have a mini picnic or sth. But then an ang mo looks like he wanted some as well. So I finished the entire thing as fast as I can on the tram.

I will go brief on the Sentosa part. We took the lug, walk around 2 see what else 2 do, saw a sore throat peacock, took the cable car 2 ways, walk around 2 see what else 2 do again, play some traditional games, walk around 2 see what else 2 do, get sth 2 drink, walk around the beach 2 find the missing bridge which really gone missing, escape from emo girl, go back 2 Vivo & wave goodbye (Wow~try 2 say the sentence in one breath! Die dun find me).

The end. Now 2 the pixs. These will either have 1t/me in it. For those scenery kind of pics, pls refer to my FaceBk/1t's blog. Now it's time 2 flood!

<---Now u look like chinese...

There. Mission completed. Signing off....

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