Monday, December 22, 2008

Pretty...Or Not?

Recently, one of my friend has been asking me if she is beautiful. Too often. Like 10 times in 10 mins.

I know that what she really wants to know is just regarding her appearance so I just say 'Quite' since a few of my friends saw her photos and say she looks pretty(I seriously have no idea she is pretty or not. And I WON'T LIE).

But does it even matter?

I have to admit I'm pretty vain myself and likes to put on makeup for fun (when I have the time. It's no fun when you are rushing) even when I'm not going out. But I won't go to the extent of feeling 'less beautiful' when you didn't put on makeup whenever you go out (even to fish market??!!! Hello~).

So I'm furious when she confront me and scolded me when I did not put on makeup when going out with her shopping at CompassPoint (which is like what, 10 mins from my hse?). Even though I kept it all inside and did not mention anything to her, I can't help but wonder if this is what women have become nowadays. No longer 'beautiful' w/o makeup. I know I look like a ghost w/o makeup but I've seen many others w/o makeup but glowing with natural beauty. And this is what I call 'true beauty'.

Anyway, I dun judge friends based on their appearance. Those that are considered 'friends' must be beautiful by me in one way or another. But never based on appearance. Somehow or another, I seem to be overlook appearance when it comes to friends. I won't be 'niao' abt making comments abt plp's beauty but that is sth you will seldom, if not never, get from me when you are my friend. Well, this is one part you have to sacrifice.

So queue up here friends, if you wanna forgo our friendship & hear more praises abt yourself.

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