Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yun-nam, help?

If anyone wants to know where I've been, just follow the trail of my hair.

No joke. The amt of hair that clogged up the entrance to the pipes when I bath is simply unbelievable. And scary.

It is often said that an average person lose abt 50-200 (what a huge range. The person who researched and made this conclusion must have really no confidence in him/herself) strands of hair per day. But I lost at least 3 strands everytime i brush through my hair. At this rate, let's say I got nth to do but touch my hair all day at the rate of every 5 seconds, minus away my sleeping and eating time - est. 9 hrs), I lost abt 32400 strands per day! I will soon be in the state that I was 1st borned with (hairless) b4 I turned 21 and a half yrs old!

And I have to clarify, I did not abuse my hair by brushing too hard or soaking it in chemicals too often. I cut, reborn and dye my hair all at once at the rate of once per yr. Sometimes less often but nv more. Brushing it too hard? Puh-lease~ I seldom even brush my hair okay? I like the way it curls sometimes so I dun even brush most of the time for fear of disturbing 'da look'.

Forget it, I am not gg to trim my hair anymore. Even if I cut nice nice, it will be gone the next second when I brush through my hair anyway. Fed up!

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:

Every wish I make is to be treated fair and equally. And everytime I get dissapointed.

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