Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It Has Finally Ended

The tedious product that I had ever brought has just arrived!

Let's welcome the newest member in the Tan family - it's a new desktop!

Or sort of....I have no idea where to classify it under as it has no cpu but it's certainly not a laptop cause you have external keyboard and mouse (Wireless. Wee~), and just the monitor is abt 4 plus kg. Try carrying THAT around.

The delivery man come so early sia. 10 plus in the morning when they say 2-6pm. Oh well...better early than late. Haha..nice person also. We xchg a few craps before he went off...

God... how I miss typing on a physical keyboard instead of those "it's there but it's not really there" laptop keypad.

So happy knocking and jaming the keys...

Gimme some time...

Just a bit more....

There i'm done torturing the keys.......... Where am I?

Oh, about the unboxing pictures. Don't really have them as me and my bros are too anxious to unpack it. The rest too ugly so I dun wanna upload them as well. You can go search the internet for some. Mine is the red one.

Dam chio rite?

But a bit ma-fan la. Cause they don't have a button to adjust screen brightness so I have to stand the glare until I cannot tahan anymore and called Dell tech support then they told me I have to go DEEP, DEEP inside the Nvidia control panel. And after adjusting the brightness to ''0'', it's still very bright.

Wth right?

Oh...and I luuuuuuuvvv the facial recognition feature(can login with your face using webcam. Meanwhile you can use it as a mirror. Webcam is damn fast!) and the touch-and-open (only touch-sensitive feature on the entire thang, cause I too cheapskate to go for the touch-screen) disk drive.

I'm sure there's more. But it's pretty empty right now. Being new and everything. Not to worry. With me as its owner it's bout to be filled up pretty fast.

That's bout it then, off to torture Dell Studio One 19 (that's its model. Finally find some place to squeezed it in). Byez~~

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