Wednesday, June 24, 2009



Finally got to play my 4D Magix and Cineblast.

4D Magix is more of an experience outta the two though. Aside from the bring storyline, the brilliant 3d effects and the occasional jerks and splatter that helps you to experience what the characters are gg through is really nice, though kinda freaky sometimes. Esp when the scene where the crabs comes out, you can literally feel something that bites you from underneath your seats. I keep complaining that its very painful to Ms. V even minutes after the show.

For the Cineblast part, we went for the logride thingy (totally forgot the name and lazy to check). Pretty amazing experience. Quite akin to the simulation rides at Science centre. The bad parts is that its too short. Feels like you just started and then the ride ends. Totally not worth the abt 30 mins commercial @ the beginning where they crap abt safety features and introduces the other rides they have 'next door' when the ride is like only 10 mins at most? Another thing is the seats are leveled. So for shorties like me, I can't really see when the log comes flying at me or when we are @ a cliff and is about to fall. I just saw parts of the screen with a big shadowy head in front of me. Spoils the experience at least by 80%.

After the 'fun', me and Ms V decided that we can't just come all the way just for the rides so we went for a quick but very expensive bite at Coffee Bean and then chitchat by the beach. Romantic rite? Haha...Afterwards, we went back to Vivo for dinner(Subway again. I hate myself) and went to MY FAV STORE - TOY'R'US!

Btw how do you pronounce it? Toy are us? I always pronounced it as toysaurus. Kinda like a new species of dinosaurs or sth. Anyway, inside the store I keep deciding WAaAAAAAy in advance what kinda toys I will buy for my future kids (if I have any) and what kind I would NEVER buy. And then forced Ms V to do the same.

Then shop shop @ electronic stores so that I can drool at electronics, esp laptops.

All in all this is the ideal kinda outing that i like with my friends. Lotsa sharing of our lives (meaning non-stop chit chat) and fun without a care in the world (meaning lotsa burning of money). So far, Ms V is the only one that can do this with me. Cause Ms V is loaded. Haha...and the best thing, she is a very good listener!

Thanks, Miss V!

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