Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm done with job-searching.

After abt 2 wks of clicking on the desktop and attitudes from HR personnel, I dun really care if I dun have money to sustain my expense anymore.

At least I dun have to put up with super-weeeeeeeeennny wages and extttttrreeeemmmlllly long working hrs.

Then what for I get a diploma? I might as well stop at o'levels for a wage of $6.5/hr and min of 8 hrs per day for a p/t job, Dude, u know what is meant by p/t? Meaning plp only work only up to 6 hrs per day la. 8 hrs is full-time la dey.

Meantime I will go for interviews that I had previously apply for. But STRICTLY no new applications.

At least not till I get my drive back, which I predict will be in abt a dynasty's time.

Anyway, school starting soon. Erm...not so soon la. In abt 2 mths time. But hey I can R&R right? Anyway I did that for abt 8 mths b4. 2 mths should be chicken feet...

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