Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm a bit worried.

Some of my friends managed to keep their head up during a relationship, but some totally give up their all.

This certain friend has a boyfriend in the past which demands everything from her, even sex. She nearly gave it to him though. They broke up before they can proceed. But they already moved at a pace I would have deemed too fast for a relationship of 2 mths.

Now she got another and she seemed to be more into him than the previous one. I nearly winced when I saw her french-kissing photos. It's only been what? Less than one month? And I thought this is the guy's 1st relationship? Who taught him to french kiss? Learn from movies?

I'm in no position to judge though. In any case she has more experience than me (2 vs 0) and she's the one in the relationship so she can argue I might not see the 'full picture' (not that i want to...).
I always feels that I dun have any right to meddle in any of my friends' relationship matters except lending a listening ear. I prefer the lent listening ear to be returned as well, if ya know wat I mean...

Still I'm worried that she might be moving too fast too far this time.

Not that I'm afraid she got cheated....ok la, I'm afraid....but I'm more concerned abt her emotional well-being (dun choke when u read this). She had always been like ...not very confident abt her appearance. When in actual fact, she isn't ugly. She just look normal (sorry I dun lie so I can't bring myself to say she's very pretty either. She might be. But then again, I told u b4 I can't really tell when it comes to frenz). And wth is wrong with being normal? I prided myself on lookin like every single person u see on the streets. So many times I've been told I look like their brother's gf, someone who work here, someone who work there, someone that queued up buying roti prata, this certain ugly long-chined someone that act in a taiwanese drama (this comes from my mum. She kps gg 'Shan! Shan! Look! Its you!' whenever the drama comes on)....etc

Already so many plp that looks like me here in SG, I can't imagine if I go to a bigger ctry like China. Probably every single day I will see someone that looks like me on the news, either robbing a bank or committing suicide.....or both.

Ok enuff abt me.

What I'm just trying to say is....what's wrong with being normal? And there's no need to hurry in finding bfs. U are gd-lukin enuff to get bfs whenever you want. Just need time to find the right one. So no need to anxiously give away ur virginity. I'm not insisting that you kp till marriage either. I'm not that old fashioned. Though if you can do that, it will be da best. But for now...take your time to look look, see see, then decide.

Whew...long. Time to massage my fingers. CS here I come!

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