Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Get Extremely Mo-chap Service

Everyone is giving me shit face today.

Ok NOT everybody, but only the lady at M1 gives me excellent service.

Stupid Singtel boy keeps interrupting what I have to say & giving me this god-damn 'you are so stupid' attitude and the Cupwalker China B***h keeps giving black faces for free to simply everyone.

Been thinking of chging over to Singtel due to is lowest mobile phone prices and frequent promotions but it looks like I had to think again. Should I pay more for excellent service? Or should I still pay, but a bit lesser, for a ****-up service?

Esp since I'm thinkin of bring my mobile & broadband over. That's gonna be a helluva ka-ching. Dun think I deserve anything short of an excellent service for that kind of moneee.

Tough question.

Well...I have until Nov to come to my decision. I can REALLY take my time...

Seriously what happened to GEMS? Or does they secretly changed what it stands for w/o telling me?

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