Friday, June 4, 2010

Did I Do Wrong? Don't Think So~

Seriously. U never treat me right and now you expect me to be responsible for ur stuff?

How old do you think you are?

No thanks, I already have 2 immature brothers. Don't need you 2 to add to my headache.

And all those craps about you understanding us...pui~ Den you should have either saw it coming or at least understand why I back out, don't you?

And I told you 2 days before. You ample time to avoid panicking during the last min. When you said you respect my decision, I was relieved. I should have known. You respect nothing. Especially not me.

This US trip has already turned into a disaster. If you don't wanna travel w/me in the end, its fine. Good thing I have backup plans. Don't think you are the only 'friends' I have.

If you are angry, lemme tell you sth. You shouldn't be. CAUSE I AM F***ING FURIOUS RITE NOW! I SHOULD BE responsible? Now you look me yeah? Why don't you give me all your money then? I will be responsible and spend it all for you. I will try my hardest to spend it all so just give me your money. I promised I will complete this 'difficult' mission.

So much anger in my stomach. It's making me look fatter than usual. And I don't look very slim in the 1st place.

ARGGHHHH....F*** you!

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