Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What I Do During Break - June 2010

PPS is a good thing! Been watching so many wonderful stuff on it the past two weeks. So great I decided to rekindle my interest for PPS. Haha~

Fav anime at the mo is “天才宝宝” aka Aka-Chan To Boku and How to train your dragon 3d.
Speaking of "How To Train Your Dragon 3D", really regret no watching in its wonderful true Imax form while its in the theaters. The 3D effects looks damn cool~ Esp the beg where the waves looks like it will splash into your face and the end where Toothless was flying through the rocks.

This time I am going to watch Despicable Me no matter what. If nobody's watching with me I will drag my family along. Bwahahaha~

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