Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Friendship Trauma

I guessed I am not good in making and maintaining friendships. To be frank, I always felt that its a miracle I have ANY friends at all. I am not a good friend and I always knew that. I do not give people presents mostly because I am brought up in a family whose tradition is doesn't include celebrating birthdays. Looking back, my primary school and secondary school do not celebrate birthdays as often as they do now.

Even so..... I am all the more grateful for all the friends that stayed with me till now. Eva, Shereen, Vanessa, LD....I know it wasn't easy. I am not the automatic sort. Neither am I the super fun and exciting type.

But then I do not think I deserve this. If you don't want to be friends. Just tell me so. We both know the relationship is strained. And its making me bad tempered cause its just so damn irritating to see us pretend.

Many a times I wanted to just tell you straight so that we can get it over and done with. But deep inside, I keep hoping that it will blow over and everything will be alright again.

I dunno if that day will ever comes. But right now, I don't how much more I can take.

So I am begging you....please end it?

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