Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Days

Ahhh~ the power of best friends. They always seem to know how to make you happy. Effortlessly.

Lily mentioned something about Korea trip next year. Not sure if thats gonna happen but if it is - Cool!

Her future sista-in-law is coming along too. Might be. That is one bad factor. Not that good with strangers. But gonna try real hard. Love making friends even though that doesn't work for me 100%.

Something about a India wedding too in October this year too. Have to see schedules and stuff. So cool for Lily to ask me along! I wonder if her bf is gg too. Might not be going if that's the case. Don't really talk well around guys. Moreover I behave uncomfortably around couples. You may call it 'lack of experience' or whatever.

Now for the best news of the day. The elder one that I'm tutoring got full marks for her test! Whoa~ This nearly makes me wanna continue tutoring for the rest of my life. But I did said almost. Teaching is not really my thing. I am the heck care sort and its a good thing for me the elder sister is hardworking and really striving for the best. On her own effort. Can't do anything for those that doesn't put in motivation though.

Anyway, once again, congratulations Ira! Keep it up!

And also...I'm good! I'm good! I'm good! *doing that pumping my hands in rounds thingy*

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