Monday, April 19, 2010

Pre Travel Anxiety Syndrome (2 days to Tioman)

Is there such thing as Pre Travel Anxiety Syndrome? I studied Psychology for a short while so you are thinking I should know but I don't. Not at all. The module doesn't go that in depth. Its a Mass Comm course after all.

Did a search regarding it on Google and to my amazement there is REALLY SUCH THINGS!!!

Well not exactly Pre Travel Anxiety Syndrome (PTAS for short. Getting real tired of copying and pasting that long chain of medical terms that does not exist), but travel panic attacks.

The wonder of mankind. Oh, and you too, Mother Nature.

Is that I am feeling right now? Not exactly as I am not gonna change routes or anything and I ain't the least bit scared about accidents happening. I am a firm believer of 'what should come will come eventually' afterall. And I often boast about myself being a sadist for wanting to go where the danger is at. And then come back and bragged about how I am still alive and nothing bad happened to me during the trip. Call me crazy but a nicer way to put it is - 'adventurous'. Oh maybe cause I trusted my instinct for this kinda things. It's been in a coma state so far so I reckoned nothing bad is gonna happen. And so far it has served me well.

What I AM FEELING is mostly a mixture of whether the huge racksack of stuff I packed is enough for the trip as well as an excitement kind of jitters overwhelming me. Anticipation is the word. Can't really wait for the trip to really happen even though its only about two days to the trip. TWO DAYS SEEM SO FUCKING LONG.....

Maybe I should unpack my 'racksack' and repack it again. This time putting whatever that it ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY inside. Nothing more.

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