Monday, April 12, 2010


Its like a bit more than one week to my Tioman trip and I gotta say...I CAN'T WAIT!

Well...partly bcoz I'm like so free at home so I'm like getting real bored and stuff.

Ultimate aim for the trip: Takes lotsa nice nice pictures so that I can make my friends jealous.

Side but very important and die die must do aim: Have at least one of those gigantic, totally not guilt-free, fattening Ramly burgers on paya beach.

Photo taken from my favorite nice haunts w/o her permission. Sorry~

Maybe I should pack my bag already. A week and two days doesn't really seems like really long.

Frankly I don't really know what to expect for the trip except lotsa sandy white beaches and clear blue/green water. Gee~ I wonder if 300RM is enuff for everything...I'm planning snorkeling as well (if my *ahem2 didn't arrive coincidentally). I'm gonna have some fun!

I'm really having insomnia these days. And no..its not bcoz of the 'overwhelming expectations' for the Tioman trip. The 'overwhelming-ness' only starts today, like just now. But the insomnia has been really haunting me for days. Lack of exercise maybe? I really gotta try making myself really tired before I sleep these days. Don't wanna hop onto the Tioman island and 'impress' the tourists and locals with my magnificent panda eyes.

Btw I just changed my desktop wallpaper to reflect my current mood:

Then again..I'm thinking this will be a better one:

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