Sunday, April 18, 2010


Its back again.

I guess its quite normal to get insomnia everytime you feel stressed or mentally excited. But...

Two weeks in advance!

Must be REAL EXCITED if you asked me.

The usual stuff doesn't work and I went a bit outta my way to drink cough medicine. Its not drug abuse if you really must know. Its a try to see if it works and one time thingy. Anyway it doesn't work so I didn't drink it again. The taste isn't that fantastic anyway.

So now I'm here blogging, surfing the web and playing games. At the same time. Really got so used to having to multi-task that I felt uneasy if I don't do it. Guess that might contribute to why I get insomnia every so often - my brain still wanna multi-task in sleep mode. Seriously can't you go to REM stage 1st? We can talk about multi-tasking like...10am in the morning!

This is so screwed up. If I continue like this, all I am gonna do at Tioman is to catch up on my REM rebounds.

Hate you brain. You are a lousy brain for not being able to function properly.

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