Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Jitters Are Gone (1 Day To Tioman)

As the title states, the jitters are all gone. Replaced by what I supposed is regret ("Why oh why did I sign up for this in the 1st place?) and sian-ness (then I started thinking of how I can get out of this).

I'm so glad that I keep a diary of the pre-travel emotions that I am experiencing. Looking back, its pretty interesting! So many ups and downs. The mood swings really makes me wonder if I am getting a bit crazy. Then again I heard somewhere that everyone is a bit crazy in one way or another. So I guess I'm still doing fine. Right?

Maybe I can do one for post-travel and then let's do a comparison. Too bad I can't do the same for the during-travel. The fees for internet access is not really worth it. And although it usually goes very smoothly once I started hitting the keyboards, it takes a relatively long time for me to really get started.

So worried that something might go wrong tomorrow, the main concern being that whether Lily will appeared late. Think its gonna be another sleepless night, tonight.

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