Wednesday, April 7, 2010

News Feed - Summary of the 1st quarter of 2010

Thinking its time to update my cobwebs-covered blog. Here goes:

Well one quarter of 2010 had past and so far I hafta say it aint that bad. Wasn't too fantastic either but hey, beggers can't be choosers.

Received news that JT probably wanna start working. Wonderful news! Considering that he hadn't been working or doing anything productive for abt more than 3 years now.

On a side note, I'm worried abt my PEAF results. I have such a huge amount of plagiarism and and I don't think I did too well for my exam either. It all amounts to - dreadful news.I did put in huge amount of effort for my paper but you never know what their marking criteria is. Pray...PRAY HARD!

Mum had been a hurricane on fire let loose lately. I dunno what's she encountered in her workplace but venting her frustration on us isn't wise. I vowed not to do that myself a number of times but I gotta admit I sometimes let my temper goes wild. Gotta change that.

I'm a tutor now! Can you believed that? Although its for Lily's cousins and the pay is really peanuts considering I have to teach two kids of different levels - one P6 and another S4NT. I'm taking it as a past-time and am gaining experience in the meantime. I don't like it cause I have to talk so much and most of the time I have a feeling that they don't understand me. But if they don't ask - their loss. I'm not going to be responsible for every teeny weeny thing. I'm tired enough.

That's all for the update! Dunno when's the next one's gonna be but hopefully it'll be soon. Stay tuned!

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