Saturday, April 24, 2010

My contact lenses break again! Second time already. At first I suspect its my a bit longer than my usual nails but soon dismissed that thought as the first time it breaks, my nails are super short (freshly bitten. Haha...).

Erm...maybe its the way I handle them. Too rough? But it seldom happens before with my normal blue-tinted contacts. Maybe the colored contacts are thinner than the normal ones. Gotta asked someone seemingly experienced. Like Ivy.

On a side note, still haven't fully recovered from Tioman. Its a fun and friendly place with lots of water fun. Insects trouble are not as bad as I though and I LOVE THE SUPER SOFT BED AND PILLOWS. So easier to sleep in! Just plonk onto the bed and less than one minute later you are in la la land. How awesome is that for a insomniac patient?

Now waiting for Lily to process the photos so I can blog about it in detail. Hope I still remember most of it by then! Stay tuned~

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