Monday, February 9, 2009


I have to admit Sony engineers and designers are pretty hardworking. 

It wasn't long before they released a 3000 and now they are exploring the possibilities of a 4000? Somemore there's still errors like fine lines across the display but instead of fixing that, they just say sth weak like they are 'powerless' and then go straight to preparing 4000?

I must say they move on pretty quickly. Wonder if they do that in relationships as well though its really none of my biz. 

Lucky I nv buy 3000. Heng arh~

Some of the proposed designs by PSP users are pretty interesting though if ever PSP is made to a phone, I will nv ever buy it.

As I've mentioned before, a phone is a phone. You can customize the phone to have different fones or u can install simple and stupid time wasting games but no more than that. It's primary function should still be a phone. What's more I am still on my honeymoon period period with my 960 (and I have a feeling we will honeymoon 4eva) so there's no way I will be letting it collect dust and spiderwebs in some unknown and unexplored corner of my room. 

Anyway dun u think the old but quite handsome guy looks stupid with the psp beside his ears? Like he come out of Hougang chalet or sth... -_-III

But if its designed like the black one in the first pic, I might consider emptying out my pockets in xchg 4 one.

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