Monday, February 23, 2009

Crap Tok

I just discovered I am a very 'mood' kinda person.

I do things depends on mood.

I was abt 2 go badminton-ing with 1t later on and that was bcoz my bro wanted 2 play & dragged me along.

If nt I am fine resting on my bed till dinnertime.

The last time I play any sports is also with my twin. Abt 1 mth plus ago? And that day cause I have so much 'mood' 4 sports, straight after badmintoning I do late nite basketball. Then comes muscle ache and then 'mood' runs away. 

Until now.

My bro says that I am gg outta shape, which I retorted that cylindrical is also a shape. But I have 2 admit what he says is true. I've been having the likes of pastamania, pizza hut or mac for lunch, followed by a heavy dinner and then a heavy supper. Which results in the heavy me.

Everything abt me is growing xcept my wallet, height and breast. Though I am quite happy the last one did nt grow. Better if it shrinks or burst.

Nt working for like abt close to 7 mths has make me very lazy, though I am no better before.

And still I am nt keen 2 find a job. Call me a spoil brat but I am afraid of hardship and rejection. And I know that it wouldn't be easy since everyone is fighting for limited edition rice bowls,
with no rice included. 

Wat's more I hate being controlled.

A bad character of Saggitaurius that I seem 2 develop 2 the extreme but nah, nt gg 2 chg it.

So nw I am running away. Wanting 2 study. Easier. I am still the boss of me, and the lecturers as well. Nice~

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