Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Like She-Human likes 2 customize her blog, personalizing my phone has always been my passion. Although many phones are 'sacrificed' in the process (lemme see, there's N80, N82, 6280...), but there's no stopping me. Even I can't stop me. 

But unlike SH, I tap on things that other plp have done & all I have to do is mix and match. Fun!

So far, with my W960i, I have changed themes (duh), bricked it, flashed it, changed fonts & changed my battery and menu icons (unlike Nokia, UIQ devices does nt include changing icons with themes. U can chg them seperately). I could have install that make my phone look like Windows Vista or have a keylock that operates like Iphone. But its senseless. If I wan Vista, I could have go and 'molest' my bro's laptop and if I wan Iphone, why would I even buy W960i in the 1st place?

But I gotta say, due to my constant 'poking' into the phone's supposedly 'secret' place, I have to so call 'update' it a few times due to it suddenly becoming un-usable. 

So I have to keep a update of EVERYTHING on my phone, if not I would be bleeding in my heart like the 1st time I destroyed the phone. 

Lucky its still usable after all this while. Should I say I am pretty fortunate or should I say this phone is pretty durable as it is still standing strg despite all my abusings?

The ♥ of my life - W960i

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