Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rubbish Tok

I wish plp will stop trying 2 matchmake me?

Which part of me screams desperate?

And I have completely no probs with becoming a nun. I am a vegetarian anyway. Just hope that they allow me 2 bring my psp & labby & provide internet access @ the monastery/convent.

Seriously even my mum start 2 ask why am I nt getting a boyfriend. Lucky I nv mention anything 2 her abt my 'so-called passion' 4 gays. If nt she might question my sexuality as well.....or will it be better if I do?

Or am I uglier than I realized? But seriously I dun mind, guys & girls! I dun nd a bf! Unless he's a millionaire and can send me all over the world w/o putting me in the cargo section!

Man, I really love $$ more than I thought. Maybe that's y I quit being a banker. Cause I can't stand holding $$ that I have 2 return 

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