Monday, February 16, 2009

Babies Making Babies

Saw the article of 13 yr old UK father?

Quite a laughing stock yet?

Reminds me of the time when I mentioned abt kids having gfs/bfs (which is when? before I'm born?).

And now (22 yrs down the road) kids are having sex with each other. What's next, babies having sex and thus making more babies. 

Yew~ Sorry sorry. Cut that thought. That's digusting. Pretend I nv say/type that.

And I saw the girl too. I mean her picture. On the newspaper. 

This might be mean but she's pretty ugly. Nt saying I am any better but surely there are better choices out there? I mean she's fat(might be due 2 the pregnancy) & with hhuuuuuggge eye bags (might also be due to the pregnancy). And she sounds like quite a slut. Nope nt gg 2 censor anything. Anyone who reads this (which is me, myself & I) already know of the word and most prob use it more fluently than ABC. 

Okay back to that girl, she said she's taking birth ctrl pills very often and missed 1. And she got a truckload of bfs. If that isn't a slut then pls help 2 edit the defn in my dictionary. They must haf printed wrongly. 

And the stupid young boy father? When reporters ask him hw is he gg 2 support the baby girl financially, he shrieked and asked for the def of financially. Seems to me he is too immature and quite terrified of any unknown. Wonder hw he accept the fact that he is a father?

The UK govt could go further than just saying that they will be giving some financial support. Hw abt some lessons on  birds and bees and parenting? Although the boy's father promised 2 tok 2 him abt beehives and bird nest, I seriously doubt anything useful will come out of someone who elope with his daughter's friend.

I might sounds old and naggy but seriously if that is what the younger generation had become. I'm glad 2 be old. I'm in my twenties and enjoying it. Afterall, at least I am nt appearing on the world news due 2 some unglam stuff. Ego boosting time!

Now let's watch the afro guy with long potatos stuck 2 the side of his face~

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