Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Me, Myself & I

This blog entry will be all abt me....isn't it always?

First, I will like to say I am extremely proud of myself!!! Wahahaha~ Although I admit that I've made a lot of decisions that I've regretted in the past, I've realised today that I made tons of good ones as well!

Esp the ones that I've acted despite of peer pressure, I must say I am gooooooooood!!!

I really heaved a sigh of relief when I read on the paper that if I've made a wrong move in the past, I will be drinking coffee in the police station by now!

Really boosted my ego. But hey it's nt like I do it everyday did I?


Okay, I did it everyday. But not to worry, I will try my best to keep in under control with 'try' as the keyword.

Moving on the no.1 topic that keeps appearing and will always be appearing as long as I lived - my figure. It's has never been S-shape and will never be but I dun wan 100cm as my waist length as well! 

I've a feeling I know how that happened though. The weather has turned colder in the recent time and I had many a times wished that I am not so afraid of cold.

Then I start eating bak gua as my lunch, abt 200g each meal. 

So I kinda made my own wish come true?


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