Friday, February 6, 2009

8MP Craze

Someone close to my family brought a Pixon, another templating a C905.

Seems like 8MP phone craze is really turning those ard me on. 

Nt gg 2 influence me one bit though. IMO, I always feel that if you wanna take gd pics, get a camera. I can tolerate using a phone for music player or video viewer, but somehow using a phone as a laptop or camera is stepping across the grey area.

It's just isn't the same surfing web, viewing documents or capturing pictures with a so-called multimedia smartphone or a cameraphone, no matter how 'smart' it claims to be or how alike a camera it looks.

And the crazy thing is - you pay so much more for a phone with 8MP than a digicam with the same quality.

Seriously tell me, what's the point?

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