Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yabber Yebber

Figure I share this, regardless of whether u know already or not. (I dun care! I just wanna share!).

This website Yebber is for those in Singapore to share their shopping or dinning experiences, regardless of location (as long as its in Singapore), regardless of how famous or ulu the places is & regardless whether the shop is brick & motar or just click.

Their motto is 'Hear and Be Heared'. So far I've done a lot of the "Hear' part. In fact I've know this site for like 2 years plus ?? and all I do is 'Hear'. I might take a go @ the 'Be Heared' part. But god (nope,nt christian here and nt gg 2 be anytime soon) knows when it will really happens.
I will just say I will try my best but as every other 'try my bests', it probably will not be taking effect during this lifetime.

Anyway the main reason I am sharing this is 2 appeal (strongly!) to those photo-fanatics friends out there who I hope (pls???)  will read this entry. Best if those who like taking fotos of foods (u know hu u r. Come on come on), so that it will serve as a better guide for Singaporeans (better yet, me!) to decide where they will be going for their next quest 2 conquer the irrtating sound from down below or for any other special events. 

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