Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am very frustrated.

Now I understand why my bro only keep this game of a slightly over 1gb in his psp and nothing else.

Yes its fun, its intesting, full of twisst and turns & often make me wonder who the hell is the game designer because its really packed with a lot of stuff which I would nv ever thought of if I was the designer..etc.

But now I've been playing this for a year now and I still didn't get half close to finishing it. 

And the worst thing is its nt that I can't stop playing whenever I want. But there's an itching in my heart if I do. And it will nv rest till I see the credits.

If only I have this passion for other things that I do.

But anyway, so now I'm frustrated. Very frustrated.

Why on earth did I relent to my bro's constant nagging in the past and start on this boyish, tomboyish, full of combat and never ending route?

Oh yeah, I have nth better to do -_-

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