Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Recently I'm like so into yogurts.

So I went to pester my father to buy those big big tubs of yogurts, and he did! Yesterday, he bought back the Marigold Non-Fat Strawberry Flavor(only flavor that I like) yogurt! 1 kg of them! But seriously I expect more but 1kg will do for now.

It tastes really great! Say it will aids in my constipating digestive(or non-digestive) system but I see no effect so far. Maybe it requires a stronger power to be able to reach my digestive system, and change anything there. Oh well, I still likes this though. Better than I have 2 pathetically spend $1/2 just to buy a small 200ml cup of yogurt eveytime I crave 4 some. But the 1kg now only left abt maybe 400g. Not entirely my work cause my bro likes yogurt as well but I help 2 consume most of it. 

Searched the net (I dunno wat for. In a moment of folly maybe. This happens a lot 2 me) and found this yogurt lover who makes his/her own yogurt. Nice! Though I will not follow in her(I assume its a her cause makign homemade yogurts sound so gayish 4 guys) footsteps cause the base ingredients for making her yogurt cost abt $5.60 and the marigold one cost abt the same. So I will just save the trouble and go pester my father for another tube! Strawberry again!

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