Monday, March 16, 2009

Onion Truth

Was sharping my teeth with onion rings when I sudddenly thought of searching for history of onion rings in my typical moment of nth better 2 do.

This is what I got from Hungry Girl.Com:
Onion rings have been around ever since a restaurant chain called Pig Stand (um, yes, that was the name) created the first batch back in the 1920s. A defenseless little onion is hacked into rings, drowned in egg yolk, smothered in flour, and finally meets its death when it's submerged in a vat of sizzling oil!  

Man I feel so guilty. But I dun think extra calories matters 2 me since I only grow fatter and won't grow thinner. So I already gave up on ever having a slender figure. Anyway the above info might nt be really true since most of the websites claim that they do not have the actual history of the onion ring. WTH, god or whatever above doesn't gimme face. 1st time I wanna know learn abt sth and nth really firm comes out.

But it is interesting 2 know onion rings come out of a pig stand! -_-III

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