Thursday, March 26, 2009

MIA Bloody Red

I've been gg ard telling everyone that my period is irregular since it first started. Even though there's no evidence 2 prove this cause I dun like 2 mark the date of the start of my period, I kinda feel that it doesn't come every mth like every single woman in the world. 

Just 4 the fun of it, I marked the start of my period as 'bloody red' on the kitchen calendar. I make it so cursive that noone can read it just in case anyone was eating on the kitchen table and happen 2 look up and then instantly lost their appetite due 2 my markings.

Yesterday, I kinda miss the feeling of period so I wander 2 the kitchen 2 look @ the calendar. Ta-dah! My suspicions are proven. My last period happens btwn the beg and middle of the mth, and now it's almost the end of the mth and the only blood I see is from my gums when I brushed them 2 hard. 

Now I can continue gg ard telling everyone abt my irregular periods! Yeah~

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