Monday, March 23, 2009

Lost Hope


I just found out that I missed 2 'free food' exhibitions.

There's a “Food & Beverage Fair 2009″ held @Suntec Hall 403 - 404 from 18th March to 22nd March 2009 and another “Asia Food & Consumer Fair” @Singapore Expo Hall 5A from 19th March to 22nd March 2009. Why must all end b4 2day? And isn't it stupid 2 held @ overlapping dates? And the stupidest thingy...


Oh and I just discovered that studying is a very exp affair.

1st thing 1st I gt 2 replace my long-lost MS Office and my long-thrown printer. I gt a cheapo version of OpenOffice (okay it's free) from Sun Microsystems (you know the one who develops Java and all those shit? Yup they were the ones. The OpenOffice thingy must be their part time jobs) and it doesn't work as well as those from Microsoft so I have no choice but 2 mum's $$. But not yet. And then all those course fees, textbooks fees, application fees, membership fees...etc. By the time its over. I most prob be in Africa eating animal shit with the starving childrens. 

Any cheapskate place 2 live & study? Maybe I should consider migrating...once again. To puala ubin maybe? :D

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