Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am watching 康熙 with my mum and married celebrity couples are invited.

They were talking abt proposals when I turned 2 my mum:

I: So did dad proposed 2 u?

M: Yeah.

I: How does he do it? 

M: He just say let's get married and I just say 'ya'

I(-_-III): What! That's it? No other romantic stuff? So bland?

M:Yeah lor. 

I: Meaning if any one guy comes up 2 u and say 'let's get married' and you will 'ya' back?

M(laughing): Ya lor.

I: What are you? Desperate? <--I know I seem rude @ this pt but I can't help it. I was shocked beyond belief

M(still laughing): Ya lor (my mum seems handicap @ that pt. All she know is 'ya lor'). So you should get a boyfriend fast.

I(roll my eyes): I've already said it so many times. I will leech on 2 you even after you die. U can't get rid of me. Regret? Too late~

See what I mean by plp ard me bugging me 2 get a bf? What's exactly wrong with me that makes them so desperate 2 marry me away? My jobless status, my unsightly looks or my age?
Or is it all of the above? 



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