Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have no religion but I am a faithful follower of the 'Do whatever u dun wanna do 2m..and 2m..and 2m' clan.

I've been planning 2 revise on my accounting 2 see if I can tahan the accountancy if I ever take it as a degree.

And the plan was before CNY, the implementation.....I can foresee no progress in the near future.

Nt a good habit but then I always believe in nt pushing myself 2 the limits cause then u will feel so drained after u exceed the limits. Strange, I believe in lotsa things for a free-thinker.

And the thing that scares me...I start having wierd dreams again. Been having that for 2 or 3 times consistently in a row.  Here's hw the dream goes: our entire block have a meeting (dun ask me hw I know everyone from the entire block cause I dun. I juz have the feeling everyone present is from my block) and then after then we have 2 walk 2 a CC or church or whatever nearby that pops out of nowhere. But everytime when I was abt to reach the road junction 2 the building, my legs feel so heavy and I can't lift it. But I knew I was gg 2 be late so I force myself 2 walk and then I trip but nobody cares 2 even turn around. And my bro is already on the opposite side looking at me wondering where I disappeared. Even those that I knew for some reason or another left later than I do after bypass me cause the traffic light is always green so u can constantly cross and the cars will constantly be stationary. I managed 2 reach the building and went into the hall which doorway is so low that I have to crawl to get in. Wonder if I am wearing a skirt in the dream cause I rmb the person manning the doorway is a male. 

Usually my dreams mean sth. B4 I start work for the bank, I've a dream which I have the intense feeling of I am caught in a contract or sth and desperately wanting to get out but I can't. So does this implies anything abt the degree I was planning 2 get? Then its 2 tough for me and I am the last in the class?

Oh no....this doesn't sounds good....

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