Thursday, March 19, 2009

I wonder why nobody wans 2 go travelling with me? Wat's wrong with me? Is it my face?

And everyone's thinking that I am slim enough except me. They are hinting they I am aneroxic. WTH~ Have u ever heard of aneroxics going 2 eat pastamania and then straight away go 4 tibits and then go and have sushi buffet after that?

And does aneroxics have stomachs the 50 times the size of their breast? It's isn't just a prob of hw small the breast is anymore, it's hw big the stomachs have grow.

Anyway after 2 days of being tortured by the acne babee, I've enjoyed the spendthrift trip 2day 2 the Kallang Leisure Park. Went 2 PastaMania 4 lunch, went 2 bowl 2 games cause the ice-skating rink is packed with sardines (no, I dun mean packed LIKE, I mean packed WITH) and then go Kbox 4 a no very cheap but no very exp session of singing and then lunch @ Jap Village (direct translation frm chinese. No idea wat's its eng name). All in all, spend abt $50.40. Already spent like 1/2 of the govt's funding 2 date.

But it's really nice. No regrets. Really like spending money like water. Wahahaha~

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