Saturday, March 28, 2009

Got sick again.


2nd time in the mth of march. Dun even know wat happen. Been jinxed by my twin I guess.

Seriously, beginning of the mth - major flu infection slimming session, den end of the mth - major skin disease ้ฃŽ่†œ(no idea wat's it called in eng- rashes maybe?). And both times I gt nth 2 do so feel like fainting and just go back 1 sleep 90% of the time that I'm awake. WTH~

Due 2 this rashes thingy I cannt touch water, if nt more rashes will invade my body, nt like it's nt already covering me from head 2 toe already. Somemore I can't even feel wind blowing @ me(same reason as above) and I am forbided 2 bath. So now I smells even worse than the famous smelly tofu in taiwan(and nope, I will nv put that in my mth EVER! It's eviqualent 2 me eating shit). And it's so itchy until I gave up putting medication (homemade verison-wine biscut smashed into powdery form. My family refuse 2 go c doctor until our dying moments. Until then-we wouldn't be gg 2 a doc cause its most prob 2 late...) on them and then start 2 compare which side is more itchy and which is more disgusting. 

Yesterday I've been thinking - wat if I die like suddenly in my slp. Conclusion - interesting. I mean imagine a news rpt that says a woman in her early twenties died in her slp. Body is already smelly by the time police reached her. Probably due 2 nth bathing 4 2 many days.

Told ya it'll be fun.

But tat's yesterday. Today I'm like much better, at least nt fainting all over the hse. So I will most prob sneak a quick bath. A very speedy one cause my parents say not 2 stay there 4 more than 5 mins. Wonder if I gets anything done in the time? Most prob only the hair part?

Posting some 'rare' photos of my 'precious moments'. Took it just now cause yesterday I can't really get my flash 2 work the way I wanted it 2. Anyway, this is better. Dun wanna scare myself if ever I feel nostalgic & wanna look back and my pervious entries and find myself vomitting in the end.

It's prob hard 2 see in this light but u can vaguely see the red patch @ the root of my 'paying respect 2 ur family' finger and then some red spots here and there on the palm.

Same hand cause I can only operate the camera with my right hand. Left one nt trained yet. Anyway same as above, red patches and spots all over. And it's supposed 2 be better compared 2 yesterday. Believe me.

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