Friday, March 13, 2009

I guess I must have gloated too loudly when me & my twin walked beside SMU yesterday. 

The status of my application fee changed from received to pending. Haiz...still have to pay.

The donuts from Donut factory which I brought yest is still nice though nt as fresh. I have no microwave if nt I would had followed the 'microwaved for 2 mins' instructions.

SG is really small and exp, nth 2 see and play but still dare 2 be so exp. Nw in the top 10 of the world but close - No 13.  WTF more exp than NY, y am I still living here? NY seems so much better in terms of its ctry size and cheaper cars. Anywayz, already decide on my migrating ctry - Taiwan. Can't see it anywhere on the Mercer’s Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2008 list so its pretty fine and I had always wanted 2 go there for its entertainment industry and food. Mostly for the food. Security there to me is still tolerable in my sense, fits perfectly 2 my nd
s. All I nd 2 do nw is persuade my mother 2 go there and nv come back.

Here's the entire chopped in half, I dun haf powerpt so I can't sewed them back.

SG is boxed in red while NY is highted in a shade of reddish grey. NY serves as a benchmark of 100 pts in this survey.

For those who can't even see a single shit from the fotos, just go here or here and here.

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