Friday, March 6, 2009

For 2 days in a row, everyone's computers has some kinda prob or another.

1st my bro, den my sec sch classmate, den my another bro.

And for some reason they look 4 me.

And for some reason, I can't solve it. 

This is starting 2 get me down. Seems like I am nt the tech genius I used 2 be. Or maybe I nv was. I was just plain lucky in the past and somehow the luck reports MC in all the above-mentioned cases. 

In this critical time, this happens. Now I can't even earn a single cent as a technical support officer. Damn!

Second thing, I had gone through a whitening process w/o having 2 apply anything on my face. Nice right? And I didn't even meant 4 it 2 happen till I saw the 'results'.

For those interested, just gobble down pills @ least 2 times per day for abt one wk as I do and u received those 'miraculous ' results.

No wonder I sense a tinge of panick in my mum's voice these past few days. She must have thought I was gg 2 go transparent any min.

Lotsa my friends including my family members always thought I love 2 eat pills. Well...nt exactly rite, I dun hate swallowing pills or anything - nth 2 fear or hate anyway, but what I am more looking forward 2 is the effects of the pills. 

U seen those rpg games where u have 2 fight monsters or villians and u suddenly kena until ur hp is damn low and u have 2 swallow sth (usually a pill) 2 make ur hp shoot like a rocket. And then u continue being busy-body like nobody's business.

This is what I am looking 4 when I swallow a pill. Headache? Swallow and few mins later, lessen or gone. Same for diarrhoea and other stupid diseases that pops up of nowhere. 

If u think it that way, eating pills in something very fun. And more easy 2 swallow than traditional chinese herbal medicine.
And now, the greatly-missed quote of da day!

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
I might be a 'nobody' in other plp's life, but I will always remains to be 'somebody' in my life.

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