Thursday, April 2, 2009

Big Fish Reviews - Lost in The City

Recently I've been spending hrs on games, completing one each day(too free la). And the reason why I am finally thinkin of bloggin reviews? I've run out of the meantime.

Man......this is gonna be looooooooooooooong.


So now let's welcome LOST IN DA CITY!!!!
I must say - either this game is awfully short or I complete it very fast. Less than 12 hrs and I'm like @ the credits.

But aside from the aching eyes (from the staring @ the bright screen non-stop. 1t, nw do u understand?) & the aching heart (BAD ENDING. VERY BAD ENDING. Who's the scripwriter?!!!), no regrets whatsoever.

Although it's classified as an "Adventure' game in Bigfishgames website, it's more of a puzzle/mystery genre 2 me. The story starts with a guy who find himself locked in a room. So you have 2 get out of the room 2 find yourself kena locked in ANOTHER ROOM (irritating rite?) until you finally get outta the city (but in the middle of the game after u finally got the guy outta the building, he went back inside himself in search of his gf. LOSER!)
I played the trial version and found it very captivating so I got myself the full version. I'm glad I did too!
The normal mystery solving cum getting outta the room part is already fun enough, the mini games make it all the more attractive.
It's minigames like these that adds 2 the game. Though I hate this tadpole game (u hafta connect da dots until all of them lights up).
Anyone can figure this out? No prize for the winning guess!

Sometimes I hafta wonder....WAD DO THEY THINK I AM? STUPID???!!!

Another minigame which I dun like. It will waste 2 much of my bonus money if I really do it. So @ times like this I just clicked the red SOS button.....

And voila! Complete without me moving more than an inch!

I discovered this when I completed the entire game. The secret shop! Selling...erm...secrets. U can see that I dun haf enough $$ 2 buy all the secrets so I left abt 4 or 5 pgs of secrets just hanging there.
Picture secrets
Puzzle secrets. Basically all the minigames that's inside the game. Erm...does that make sense?

Txt secrets - some inside thoughts of the characters including the hero & heroine or some deep dark secrets u wish u never know.
Yeah! I'm done! Another pictures speak a thousand words entry! I should do this more often! Helps 2 relax the pressure on my vocabulary a bit!

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