Sunday, April 5, 2009

BigFishGames Reviews - Nanny Mania II

Insomnia again. So might as well update this b4my brain finally agree 2 cooperate with my eyes.

I''ve played the first version of Nanny Mania abt a yr ago (when it 1st came out) so I decided 2 just get the sequel w/o even trying the trial version.

Same great feel of being rushed 2 do everything, but this time I did a bit more grumbling (must be old) when the kids & even adults starts 2 mess up everything while u are digging ur grave trying 2 clean up everything b4 the time limit.

This sequel is set in being a nanny for a very fertile hollywood couple (they get pregnant every few lvls. By the time I finish the game, they already gave birth to 5/6 kids & adopt another. Thanks arh! Nw I gt a bigger mess 2 clean up) and their kids, with occasionally an uncle/baby/camermans dropping by. Oh, nt to forget their pets - a parrot and a dog. Don't ask me why. I seriously dun know. Oh and since they are so rich, they buy bigger and bigger hse just 2 test how big a mess they are able 2 make and hw gd is ur tolerance lvl. I would have rise up the hell if it is of any use.

My bro saw me playing this game and ask me sth I nv thought of even after playing 4 so long - why does a nanny has 2 be in charge cleaning up the entire hse apart from having 2 take care of kids? Nanny are just suppose 2 be just taking care of babies right? And then I go 'Ohhhh yeeeee ahhhhhhh hor!'. Kena cheated.

1st lvl where they starts out with the hollywood couple & ONE baby. @ the end, almost half the child has grown up in adults and still thick-skinly free-load in the hse.

Dunno why they censored the cleaning part using bubbles cum dust-like thingy. Maybe its illegal/immoral 2 clean over there? Ohhh~ I wanna go! Take me there! ASAP!

Perfect timing is usually impossible 2 achieve they like 2 cheat u out ur time. E.g. just when u finish cleaning up all the mess just in time 2 get the gold start, the baby requires a bottle or sth 2 that effect and then you wave goodbye to the shiny gold star which is so close yet so far.
Store to let u purchase upgrades that makes ur life easier as a filipino maid cum long-serving slave.
In the pic, they cheat me that they sold out of everything cause I dun haf enuff $$.
How nice~

All in all a very interesting game though a bit frustrating @ times. Such as when u finsh everything and feel likes playing a particular lvl, u have to start from lvl 1 again. 

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