Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tweety Bird

Recently gt into this thang call 'Twitter'.

It's a bit similar 2 the status part of FaceBook but it's somewhat different. You can choose 2 tune in to the tweets of various stars like John Mayer etc...

Gee~ I dunno how 2 describe what exactly it is.

Anyway, I am now tuning 2 the tweets of Miley and she seems pretty free 2 tweet but having a tight schedule @ the same time. So currently I am listening to Miley's tweet and one other plp which I dunno is listening to mine. I suspect the somebody is sth like the owner of the site or sth cause he's a follower of everybody and anybody imaginable.

I am now really into it though I trying hard 2 rmb its existence cause it's nt really convenience you know? More for BlackBerry users in the states cause it's where you can use your BlackBerry to tweet whereever you are whenever you like.

Thoughts of migrating...AGAIN.
When will I ever end?

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