Sunday, April 12, 2009

I've been scheduling my entries lately cause I wanna kp to my one entry per day promise and yet too lazy to come up every day.

But recently due to my sudden 'rush' to blog, the schedules look like they are gonna last till next yr! Exaggerated. They mostly will last abt 2 or 3 more days but still I have to wonder what's wrong with me - bloggin like mad.

Guess I'm too free.

Opps...I forgot what i wanna blog abt.

Oh yah, caught it back.

Opps...gone again.


Stupid STM me. All this free time makes my brain shrink to the size of ants eyeballs, if any. They have eyeballs....rite? Anyway, all this will be ending PRETTY SOOOOOONNNN...

I hope.

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