Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thieves - U will die horribly!!!

My brothers' bikes kena stolen. One of which costs close to $400. The other abt $100.

The bikes used 2 be locked near the lifts, along with many of our neighbors and mum and dad's bikes. I dun haf one. Boo hoo~

Must be one/two/more clever thief/thieves, so many bikes around and just stole my bros' bikes.

The bro which bike cost quite cheap (to him) is nonchalant abt the incident, cause his bike is rusty and constantly outta air anyway even though the bike is brought only less than a year ago(nw I know the diff 4 the high price).The $400 bro (let's call him that. Lazy 2 type longer)....let's just say he's nt taking it so well.

The thief/thieves are very fast. When we take in the clothes hanging outside, it's still there. 5 mins later, GONE. VANISHED. VAPORISED. Okay, my vocabulary ends here. Anyway, we went 4 a walk ard the block 2 see any bikes hanging together, one of which is rusty and outta air. NOTHING.

I, actually we, suspected a number of 'criminals'. Our neighbors (many of which have 'criminal' records. Such as stealing pots of flowers from their companies etc), the bangladeshy who are supposed 2 be painting our blocks from 5 yrs ago and nth happens till now...etc.

Now then I realised - what a dangerous place I living in! SAVE ME! HELP!!!!

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